At, you can get vaccinations, travel advice, travel medication, medical examinations and corona tests. As we cooperate with various Dutch health insurance companies, many of our vaccinations are fully or partially reimbursed by the health insurance company. You can read about the reimbursions on this page.

Consultation fees:

During your consultation, we make sure you embark on your journey with the right vaccinations. Depending on your travel plans and personal circumstances, we will give a personal vaccination advice. If necessary, we will also give you additional advice and information tailored to your trip.

To provide you with the best possible service, we charge a consultation fee. Most of these costs consist of overhead: the costs for quality systems, (further) training of doctors and nurses, rent, administration, registration, creation of medical files, secure storage and monitoring of electronic medical files (15 years), secretarial services, and so on.

Telephone consultation

The telephone consultation is an extra service provided by, performed by a nurse. During this consultation you will receive personal travel advice, without having to come by. If it turns out that vaccinations or prescriptions are needed, you can immediately schedule an appointment following the consultation. The consultation costs are paid through a Tikkie. Anyone can schedule a telephone consultation with us. 

How does it work?

  • During a telephone consultation we discuss your state of health and the journey you are going to make. This is also possible for other family members.
  • If you need vaccinations the nurse will schedule an appointment for you during the regular consultation hours. You have to pay second consultation costs for every person.
  • You can make an appointment for a telephone consultation via 085 9020303 or through our website.
  • You will be called by the nurse at the scheduled time. Make sure you can be reached then. If we cannot reach you, we will not return the costs payed by Tikkie. 
  • You will receive an appointment confirmation by e-mail containing a link for completing the intake/health statement. This intake/health statement must be completed in advance so that the telephone consultation can proceed adequately.

Telephone consultation families

For families, it is preferable to give the advice for the whole family via a telephone consultation. This way we can discuss how your trip will look and what vaccinations and advice are needed for each family member. Should you need vaccinations, the nurse will schedule a second consultation. This way children do not have to wait as long for vaccinations at the appointment and parents have time to properly prepare their children for the vaccinations.

Consultation type 


Standard consultation 

€ 27,50 pp

Long-stay consultation (> 3 months)

€ 37,50 pp

Second consultation 

€ 18,95 pp

Telephone consultation (1 or 2 persons) 

€ 18,95 

Telephone consultation (3 or more persons) 

€ 37,90 

Prescription fee 

€ 7,50 per prescription

Please note!

If you want to cancel or change your appointment, you can do so free of charge up to 24 hours before the appointment by calling (085 902 03 03) or emailing ( If you do not show up for your appointment without notifying us, we will be obliged to charge a consultation fee (€27.50).

Consultation costs are always per person.

Vaccination prices:

The prices shown below do not include consultation fees and show the price per dose. Some vaccines require multiple doses for a full vaccination series. More information on the specific vaccines can be found on the page all-vaccinations.


Prices per vaccine

HPV/Cervical cancer (Gardasil 9)

€ 186,00 

Mumps, Measles, Rubella 

€ 37,00 

Typhoid fever 

€ 45,00 

Cholera (Dukoral)* 

€ 135,00 

Cholera (VaxChora)* 

€ 135,00 

Dengue (Qdenga) 

€ 110,00 

Diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough * 

€ 40,00 

Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio 

€ 28,00 

Yellow fever 

€ 55,00 

Shingles (Shingrix) * 

€ 204,00 

Hepatitis A (from 16 years of age) 

€ 59,00 

Hepatitis A (child up to 16 years) 

€ 42,00 

Hepatitis A and B 

€ 65,00 

Hepatitis B 

€ 48,00 

Influenza (including consultation) 

€ 39,95 

Japanese Encephalitis *

€ 139,00 

Leptospirosis *

€ 185,00 

Meningococci A, C, W-135 and Y 

€ 69,00 

Meningococci B * 

€ 152,00 

Pneumococci 13 types * 

€ 92,00 

Pneumococci 20 types * 

€ 127,00 

Pneumococci 23 types * 

€ 50,00 


€ 22,50 

Rabies (1-site intracutaneous)

€ 28,00

Rabies (2-site intracutaneous) 

€ 56,00 

Rabies (intramuscular) 

€ 75,00 

Rotavirus * 

€ 127,75 

Tick-borne encephalitis (FSME/TBE) 

€ 62,00 

Tuberculosis (Mantoux test)

€ 36,00 

Chicken pox * 

€ 79,00 

Vaccination passport 

€ 7,95 

* This vaccine is usually available within a few days but not always in stock at every location. For your appointment, contact us by phone (085 902 03 03) or email 

Prices blood analysis:

Type blood analysis Prices
Blood analysis antibodies Hepatitis A, B or C € 39,95
Blood analysis rabies (antibodies) € 139,95
Blood analysis IGRA (tuberculosis antibody analysis) € 85,00
Blood analysis Lyme € 39,95
Blood type analysis € 50,00
Blood analysis Hb € 35,00

Prices medical examinations:

Are you planning to work or study abroad? If so, you may be required to bring a medical certificate with you. You can obtain this declaration by undergoing a medical examination beforehand, also known as an expat examination. More information on medical examinations can be found on the page medical-assessment.

Medical examinations Prices

Fit to Travel examination *

Comprehensive intake (no laboratory tests)

€ 137,50

Medical examination extended *

Comprehensive intake, General blood tests including Serology (Schistosmiasis/strongyloÏdes) Faeces/ Urine + physical examination

On request
Custom examination* On request
MRSA test € 67,00
Covid-19 PCR test € 195,00
Covid-19 Antigen test (rapid test) € 34,25
* Medical examinations only on request. Please contact us by phone (085 902 03 03) or email 

Other articles:

Article Prices
DEET anti-insect spray (30,40 or 50%) € 11,95
Diarrhoea inhibitor (Loperamide) € 3,95
Mosquito net Longlasting impregnation (1 to 2 persons) € 41,25
Mosquito net Longlasting impregnation (2 persons) € 44,95
ORS (Oral Rehydration Salts) € 8,00