Tropical Health Advice and Vaccinations

A Better World is happy to contribute to a better world. Therefore, we sponsor several causes that are close to our hearts.

Bona Baana Foundation:

The Bona Baana Foundation is dedicated to helping disadvantaged youth in Africa. One of their projects in Temak, Kenya focuses on the rights of single teenage mothers, young widows, girls in prostitution, school dropouts, and girls infected with the AIDS virus. A health clinic on the City of Hope grounds provides basic healthcare such as testing for malaria, typhoid, pregnancy, and HIV-AIDS. People with complications are referred to other facilities by the clinic, which also offers simple treatments. Our donation helped renovate the waiting room. 

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Bona Baana

AMC Foundation:

The AMC Foundation is the fundraising foundation of Amsterdam UMC, location AMC, and raises funds for scientific research, medical education, and patient care that do not (yet) receive funding through regular channels. Our contribution enabled the printing of the 3rd edition of The Blue Book, also known as The Clinical Book Malawi. 

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Wilde Ganzen:

Wilde Ganzen is committed to a world without poverty. They support projects set up by local people in low- and middle-income countries with the help of organizations from their surroundings. 

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On and with the Kleverbergh, in the Ooijpolder near Nijmegen, a regenerative estate is being developed. We have made a contribution and are owners of certificates worth 250 square meters of farmland. 

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