Terms and Conditions

The text below is a translation of our general terms and conditions, of which the official document is drafted in Dutch. In the event of any translation errors or discrepancies between this translation and the official document in Dutch, no rights can be derived from this translation. The content of the official Dutch document is always leading.

General terms and conditions

Article 1 – Definitions

In these general terms and conditions, the following definitions shall apply:

Vaccinatiecentrum.nl: Vaccinatiecentrum.nl  B.V. with its main office at Plantage 8, 6708 WJ Wageningen, and several branches throughout the Netherlands, registered in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce, under number 68414943,
The Client: the person who enters into an Agreement for himself or for a third party with vaccinatiecentrum.nl;
The Customer: the individual to whom the Services relate directly;
The care provider: vaccinatiecentrum.nl or the individual employed by vaccinatiecentrum.nl;
The (supply of) Products: all physical products, whether or not including the provision of advice related to the product concerned;
The Services:
All operations, including examination and provision of advice, directly relating to the Client with the aim of preventing or curing him from contracting a disease or assessing his state of health, as well as the supply of items. The services include information, advice, vaccination and the possible prescription of medication;
The Appointment: an appointment for a visit and consultation or treatment at one of the vaccination centres of vaccinatiecentrum.nl;
The Agreement: the agreement for a medical treatment in which vaccinatiecentrum.nl commits itself to the Client to deliver Products or perform Services directly relating to the Client;
The price: the cost of the Products or Services including all additional costs. The Price includes sales tax (VAT), unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Article 2 – Applicability

These general terms and conditions apply to all Offers, Agreements, Deliveries and Services and other legal relationships between vaccinatiecentrum.nl on the one hand and the Client and/or Customer on the other hand. Vaccinatiecentrum.nl will always provide these in a timely manner.

All offers and quotations of vaccinatiecentrum.nl are in principle without obligation and do not legally bind vaccinatiecentrum.nl, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

If a Client or Customer accepts an offer or otherwise issues an order, these general terms and conditions shall apply, to the exclusion of any terms and conditions of their own.

Article 3 – Formation of the Agreement

The Agreement is established when the Client accepts an Offer, makes an Appointment via the vaccinatiecentrum.nl website, by telephone, by email or any other form of communication, and the Appointment is confirmed. From this Agreement an obligation to pay arises for the Client.

Article 4 – Information

The care provider clearly informs the Customer about the planned examination, the proposed treatment, about the developments of the examination, the treatment and his state of health. The same applies with regard to the provision of Products.

At the Customer’s request, the information mentioned in the previous paragraph shall be provided concisely in writing.

Article 5 – Customer consent

Actions performed in fulfilment of the Agreement require the consent of the Customer. At the Client’s request, the Care Provider shall record in writing the actions for which he has obtained permission and shall provide the Client with a copy thereof. If the Customer is younger than 12 years of age, the consent of the parents exercising authority over the Customer or the Customer’s guardian is required.
If the Customer is 12 years of age or older but under 16 years of age, the consent of the guardian or parents exercising authority over the Customer is required in addition to the Customer’s consent.

Article 6 – Performance of the Services

In performing the Services, the Care Provider shall exercise the care of a good care provider, acting in accordance with the responsibility incumbent upon it as derived from the requirements set and to be set by law. Any term indication given by vaccinatiecentrum.nl for the execution of the Services (including, for example, a time indication for receiving test results) is only a target time and never a final deadline.
If vaccinatiecentrum.nl provides a time indication as referred to in paragraph 2, the Client and/or Customer cannot derive any rights from it.

If the work performed by vaccinatiecentrum.nl takes place by agreement at a location of the Client or Customer or another place chosen by them, vaccinatiecentrum.nl’s employees and any other persons involved must have unobstructed access. In addition, the locations must meet the minimum comfort and hygiene requirements to be set by vaccinatiecentrum.nl, which may/will be assessed in advance by vaccinatiecentrum.nl.

Article 7 – Confidentiality

The Care Provider shall not provide any data to third parties without the consent of the Customer. As far as the law does not provide otherwise, disclosure of data and access by a third party shall only take place if this does not harm another person’s privacy. Third parties as referred to in the first paragraph are not:
Those directly involved in the execution of the Agreement and/or provision of the Services, if the provision of data and inspection is necessary for the work to be performed by them;
The parents exercising custody of the Customer or the Customer’s guardian, if consent is required from them.

Article 8 – Duty to inform and cooperate

The Customer shall provide the Care Provider, including in response to its questions, with all the information and full cooperation it requires for the execution of the Agreement and/or the performance of the Services. The Customer shall show valid proof of identity to the Care Provider upon request.

Article 9 – Prices and price revision

The execution of the Deliveries and Services is subject to the prices set in the price list. The price list can be consulted on the website (www.vaccinatiecentrum.nl).

Vaccinatiecentrum.nl has the right to make changes to the price list at any time. The price list on the website is not leading. The price stated in the agreement with the Client or Customer is valid for the delivery of Products and/or the execution of the Services.

Article 10 – Payment and billing

The Client owes vaccinatiecentrum.nl the Price. Insofar as it has been agreed that payment can be made after the Services have been performed, the Price must be paid within 7 calendar days of the invoice date into a bank account to be designated by vaccinatiecentrum.nl.
After payment of the Price, the Client may claim reimbursement of the costs incurred from the health insurance company. Vaccinatiecentrum.nl does not guarantee that the health insurance company will also reimburse the costs incurred.
Failing timely payment, the Client shall be in default by operation of law, without written notice of default being required. The Client shall then owe statutory interest calculated from the due date, being the invoice date plus 7 days, on the amount (still) to be paid until the day of full payment.

The Client also owes vaccinatiecentrum.nl all judicial and extrajudicial costs for whatever reason, arising from or related to the collection of the invoice amounts not paid in full or on time. The extrajudicial costs are at least 20% of the outstanding amount.

Article 11 – Circumstances beyond one’s control

Vaccinatiecentrum.nl is never liable for shortcomings that cannot be attributed to her. This is the case if a shortcoming cannot reasonably be blamed on vaccinatiecentrum.nl.
A shortcoming as referred to above shall in any case not be at the risk of vaccinatiecentrum.nl if this shortcoming is the result of (1) the circumstance that a third party, brought in by vaccinatiecentrum.nl, does not fulfil its obligations in time and/or in full, (2) strikes or blockades, (3) war or danger of war, (4) natural disasters, (5) business disruptions that impede normal business operations to a large extent, such as fire, cyber-attacks, traffic disruptions, epidemics, illness and/or death of a care provider.

Article 12 – Liability

Vaccinatiecentrum.nl is only liable towards the Customer for compensation of the direct damage suffered by the Customer as a result of a shortcoming attributable to vaccinatiecentrum.nl in the fulfilment of its obligations towards the Customer. The damage as referred to in the previous paragraph will only be compensated if and insofar as the liability falls under the coverage of the liability insurance policy taken out by vaccinatiecentrum.nl.

If vaccinatiecentrum.nl has no insurance cover for the damage as referred to in paragraph 1, the amount to be compensated shall be limited to a maximum of € 1,000. Before vaccinatiecentrum.nl can be held liable, she must be given the opportunity to repair the shortcoming as referred to in paragraph 1 within a reasonable period of time. If vaccinatiecentrum.nl is held liable, the party instigating the liability claim will have to demonstrate that vaccinatiecentrum.nl has imputably failed in complying with any obligation incumbent upon it, that damage has actually been suffered and that there is a causal connection between the said imputable shortcoming and the said damage.
Vaccinatiecentrum.nl can be held liable until 7 calendar days after the Appointment at the latest. After that, this right expires.

Article 13 – Consultancy

Vaccinatiecentrum.nl will give advice to the best of its knowledge and ability and has a best-efforts obligation in this respect. Vaccinatiecentrum.nl is not liable if certain results will not be achieved.

Article 14 – Cancellation Appointment and termination of the Agreement

The Client and/or Customer may cancel the agreed Appointment with a cancellation period of at least 24 hours prior to the Appointment.
Cancellations can be made by calling on weekdays between 08:30 and 16:30 (085 9020303). Appointments not cancelled or not cancelled in time will be charged in full as a consultation and/or service.
Under no circumstances can the Agreement be dissolved by the Client if the Agreement has been executed by vaccinatiecentrum.nl.

Article 15 – Amendment

Amendments to the provisions of these general terms and conditions only apply when they have been agreed in writing between vaccinatiecentrum.nl on the one hand and the Client and/or Customer on the other hand.
If and insofar as any stipulation in these general terms and conditions is declared non-binding at law or, for whatever reason, may otherwise prove to be non-binding, the validity and force of the other stipulations of these general terms and conditions will not be affected. In such a case vaccinatiecentrum.nl on the one hand and Client and/or Customer on the other hand will enter into consultation in order to replace the non-binding stipulation by stipulations which are binding, but which deviate as little as possible from the non-binding stipulations, also in view of the purpose and purport of those stipulations.

Article 16 – Governing law and dispute resolution

These general terms and conditions, the Agreement, the delivery of Products or the performance of Services and every other legal relationship between vaccinatiecentrum.nl on the one hand and the Client and/or the Customer on the other hand, are exclusively governed by Dutch law. Disputes between vaccinatiecentrum.nl on the one hand and the Client and/or the Customer on the other hand will be resolved in mutual consultation as much as possible.
All disputes that may arise between vaccinatiecentrum.nl on the one hand and the Client and/or the Customer on the other hand will be submitted to the District Court of vaccinatiecentrum.nl’s statutory domicile.

E-mail: info@vaccinatiecentrum.nl
Telephone: 085 9020303 (Available from 08:30 to 16:30 on working days)