About Vaccinatiecentrum.nl

Vaccinatiecentrum.nl is a travel clinic established by Marchel Ratering. We are a modern and dynamic organisation that is progressive in our advice concerning travel and health. Because of our expertise and experience, travellers can visit us with all questions and concerns; before, during and after travelling. We are a certified Yellow Fever centre, affiliated with the LCR (Landelijk Coördinatiecentrum Reizigersadvisering), and we are ISO 9001:2015 certified.
Our organisation identifies through a ‘homely’ atmosphere, in which professionalism and personal attention are core values. Because of this, travellers feel at ease at our centres. We achieve this by working with a small and close-knit team of nurses, office managers, (quality)manager and our chief physician.

Our mission is: “Travel healthy and return healthy” 

We are a preventive health organization and through providing information, advice, medical examinations, and vaccinations, we want to achieve our mission. We provide medical examinations for everyone going abroad or returning and we advise on and screen for infectious diseases. We have established several strong relationships with schools, universities, institutions, and companies.

At vaccinatiecentrum.nl we stand for quality, flexibility, creativity and innovation with the wishes and needs of the customer as our main priority. We believe it is important to be approachable as a company and we value personal contact.

Travelling is exciting, challenging and tantalising. At least if you stay healthy. This can be achieved by preparing well for the trip and protecting yourself against viruses and bacteria with vaccinations. Besides vaccinations, providing additional information that matches the traveller’s plans is also important to us. Giving travellers the right information on preventive measures can prevent many cases of illness. This is an essential part of making travelling even safer. At vaccinatiecentrum.nl, we take the time to make sure the customer goes on their trip with all the information they need to travel healthy and return healthy.

Our team

In addition, vaccinatiecentrum.nl has established protocols regarding professional conduct, undesirable behaviour and a code of conduct. The vaccinatiecentrum.nl code of conduct is binding for all employees. Each employee, in collaboration with their colleagues, continuously seeks to improve service.

Board of advice

To ensure the professionalism of our company, for customers but certainly also for employees, we have set up an advisory board. We regularly call on the advice and various forms of expertise of its members. 

Robert Ligthelm

Robert Ligthelm is an internist-tropical doctor. Robert worked for many years at the Havenziekenhuis in Rotterdam. Robert has also been involved in founding and running the LCR for many years. Robert is still well known among doctors as “The Tropics-Guru”.

Netty van Os
Netty van Os works as a teacher at Fontys University of Applied Sciences. Netty teaches nurses and nurse practitioners.

André Godkewitsch
Until 2015, Andre was the chief physician of vaccinatiecentrum.nl. He has now handed over this responsibility but is still always available for advice.

Pharmacy Supervision

Our supervising pharmacist is pharmacy van Weringh in Wageningen.